live online yoga classes with Dani

Live Online Yoga classes

Live Online Yoga classes

Location: Online

Cost: £9 per class 


Live online yoga classes are the result of a worldwide epidemic. Who would have thought that Covid-19 would change a whole huge international industry like the yoga industry. From week to the next we were going from teaching dozens of people a week in studios to teaching the same amount of people through our computers and phones, facilitating our same core values through live online yoga classes.

And as I can see so many benefits to practicing with my love online yoga classes I will continue to provide this service to my clients. No need to spend extra time going to and from a studio. You can practice from the comfort of your own home. It’s harder in a way as you will have to bring more motivation to your day bit once I see my students on their mats – it seems a deeper, more connected and very beautiful practice.

Especially if you are a beginner to yoga practicing live online from your own home can be great. And I am staying true to my principles. We continue to practice in a small groups so that I can pay attention to each one of you. There’s plenty of time to talk through any ailments you might have and I can help adjust for back pain or whatever else you would want to discuss.

All of our live online yoga classes contain elements of breathing exercises, asana – which is your physical practice – and mindfulness and relaxation. Each week I teach an array of different classes, from power yoga flows to the most stretchy and nourishing classes. Have a look here of what’s happening each week:

Tuesday. Energising morning yoga. Beginners to intermediate. 7:30am, 60 mins

Wednesday. Family/kids yoga. 11:30am, 35 mins

Wednesday. Lunch time energising yoga flow. Intermediate. 1:45pm, 60 minutes

Thursday. Slow down yoga. Open to all levels. 8:15pm, 60 minutes

Sacred Sunday practice. Open to all levels. 7:30pm, 60 minutes

Email me if you have any equations about any of my live online yoga classes: [email protected]

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