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Menopause Facebook Community

Join our private Facebook group, the Perimenopause & Menopause Chat Hub! With over 3k women and growing steadily,  we remain are a supportive and kind online community.
I bring many fantastic guest speakers, authors, doctors and other experts into the group who share their wisdom on all things menopause with us. Come say hi in the group and join one of our live events!
The menopause facebook community is a private group which allows women to share and discuss any symptoms and tips or advice about their experiences of the peri-menopause and menopause.
I firmly believe that by sharing what is going on with us is the first step to thriving. Because what follows is often a better understanding which enables us to make the right choices – for us!
Unlike many other facebook groups on the subject we welcome all forms of discussion. Feel free to ask about anxiety, HRT, natural solutions, exercise etc…
Every woman needs a personalised plan to help her navigate though the peri-menopause and menopause. No size fits all.
Menopause Facebook Community – JOIN HERE 
Perimenopause & Menopause Chat Hub: Share/ Understand/ Empower
A few words by Dani Binnington – who founded this group in November 2020.
“My menopause was onset by surgery post cancer treatment at the age of 40. I was lucky as I had a fab team of consultants preparing me for what to expect. I was well advised on my options, medications and how I might feel.
There are 2 things I have learned along the way which is also the reason I have created this private group:
1. In most cases it is much more confusing for women going through their changes naturally (unlike me through surgery) as the changes often creep up on one slowly. This means a woman often doesn’t quite understand what is happening herself. This coppled with very little advice in general and often little support from GP’s, can mean women feel ‘off’ or ‘not right’ or even severely struggling for far too long!
2. Although I am on hormone replacement therapy myself I very much know now that this is not the fix and cure of all my problems. This was an important realisation for me to make – that I will have to open heartedly continue to navigate through my menopause and find new ways and hacks to improve how I feel.
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Dani Binnington

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