menopause yoga course

Menopause Yoga Course

Following a 30 something’s fitness video will most likely NOT work for our peri-menopausal and menopausal bodies. (Even if you might enjoy watching a topless ‘Bodycoach’ ha ha!)
Eating like someone else will also most likely NOT work for your body and metabolism, especially in peri-menopause and menopause. Generic meal plans have no place in our kitchens any longer!
We have to find out what works for us, each one of us, and with that wisdom we can create big change!
And that’s where yoga comes in. It can be the best way to start noticing what you need, what’s good for you and how you are feeling. From that place you can start to figure out what you can do about it all.
After the successful drop-in menopause yoga classes I’ve made this into a brand new 6 week course for you – offering you even more insight!
Come join us on the mat.

Menopause Yoga Course

Location: Online & In the studio (Click here for location)

Cost: £75 for 6 week in-studio course, £59 for 6 week online course (1 hour classes)

Next start date: Check online schedule HERE


Fact is: our bodies and minds change in menopause – and so needs how we move, eat and how we support it.


– strengthen your muscles and bones
– creates flexibility on and off the mat
– helps reduce the mental symptoms of menopause
– relaxes your nervous system
– connects you to yourself
– connects you to a wider community
– helps you understand how you are feeling
– helps you ‘take the edge off’
– increases mind/ body awareness
– helps you say NO more often 😉
The new 6 week course offers us to dive a little deeper into what matters most, Supporting you on your journey through menopause, this course welcomes all women in peri-menopause and menopause.
Classes will take you on a journey from bone health to menopause mental health and so much in between.
The online Zoom course environment & studio allows us to talk, exchange and share of what is important to us.
I will weave some of my personal and also professional experience from running my successful menopause program into the menopause yoga course, making it interactive and a journey worth investing in.
Email Dani if you have questions about this course.
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