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Workshops and Events in 2020

Covid- 19 Update:

My mission stays the same: The aim of all of the workshops I organise is to empower you to make the best choices for YOU and your health. I’m so excited fo all my workshops and events in 2020. I believe that by understanding more, knowing more and trying more we come up with more options that are right for us. We are all so truly unique and there is no approach that fits all. And I truly believe that there is so much that we can each do each day to improve how we feel. In real person or online, the covid-19 epidemic has not changed my core value. Merely the how might have changed.

My workshops are always friendly, informative and non-judgemental. This is key. We’ve had guest speakers sharing their love for fermented foods. Menopause experts talked about why they are so passionate about women’s health and rights. Nutritionists have spoken about gut health and what we can each do to improve it daily. We’ve had authors, campaigners…the list is long.

If you have something really exciting to share and talk about you can get in touch about a possible collaboration. I’d love hearing from you!

Lots of love,

Dani xx

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Dani Binnington

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