Finding the right yoga style for you

Often wondered which yoga class is right for you?

Read so much about the benefits of yoga but unsure where to start?

A little intimidated of joining a group class?

I totally get it! There are so many different schools of yoga and yoga styles and so many teachers interpreting these in their own unique ways that it can be confusing to know what to do. And so often, it takes people a long time time to make a start.  

Different phases in our lives require different ways of moving and breathing. And the wonderful thing is that our yoga practice can adapt to align with what we need. That is why I love to give my students a variety of experiences depending on the time of the day we practice, month and stages in their lives, like yoga for menopause classes for example.

Some yoga styles are more athletic, dynamic whilst others are more focused on alignment. You get slow paced classes where poses are held for long times and some other classes focus mainly on relaxation. And that’s all a great thing. Don’t let it confuse you!

Make your yoga work for YOU.

Yoga Styles and Classes

Menopause Yoga Course

This Flow & Restore Yoga course is specifically designed for women in peri-menopause and menopause. Supporting women on their menopause journey. Dani is a qualified menopause yoga teacher and will guide you through each class. Focusing on a different theme each week, incorporating breathing techniques, relaxation and physical postures.
We will shine light on physical themes, such as heart opening and classes for anxiety or hot flushes or classes that incorporate more twists. Next course starts September 10th, 2021.


Mens Yoga 

Now. There is no reason why there should be a separate mens yoga class, but teaching yoga over the years I have always felt a reservation for men to join a mixed class. Yet, there is such a need for a non-competitive and relaxing hour in every man’s weekly routine. So if you are a bloke and new to yoga and curious about finding out what it is all about, then join us. 


Mens yoga classes Esher

Yoga for Stretching & Stillness

This is a gentle class that is also wonderful for beginners and advanced yogis at the same time. We allow time for the asanas (physical postures) to unfold. Working at a slower pace with plenty of active and passive stretches that work deep into our muscles and tissues. This is a good class for winding down after a long day and relaxing your mind. At its core, this class helps gain higher focus and a deeper sense of restoration. 


Yoga for relaxation Esher

Sacred Sunday Night Yoga 

This weekly sacred practice is a dynamic style of yoga where we flow with the breath, build up to hero poses and have fun trying out new shapes. This is less suitable to yogi beginners. Each class explores the breath, allows time to connect to the present moment and ends with more restorative poses to allow to calm body and mind before closing one week and consciously starting another. Intermediate level.


Sunday Evening Yoga

Dynamic Power Yoga

In our dynamic yoga classes I combine my love for flowing freely, led by our breath with my training in Iyenger inspired Yoga. All classes are different and my yogis know to bring an open mind to the mat. Some classes work specifically into hips or shoulders for example, whilst other classes will be faster paced. Each class will allow time for you to do a mini energy-stock take into you and your wonderful being, which is always at the heart centre of every class. Come play and connect. 


Sunday night Yoga Esher

Unlike self-criticism, which asks if you are good enough, self compassion asks what’s good for you?” – Kristin Neff

In all of our yoga classes we tune into our self compassion a little more, quieting our self-criticism which often seems to be in the driving seat. The awareness alone into how we talk to ourselves is sowing the seeds to a more compassionate way of living.

I am happy to help you find your perfect class for you. Get in touch now. Email Dani.

Dani Binnington

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