Welcome to Healthy Whole Me. Dani is a wellbeing expert, yoga teacher and founder of the ‘Superfood Supperclub’, passionate about creating a wholesome, balanced and sustainable lifestyle for her herself, her family and her clients.

Dani’s journey to seek a holistic approach to her wellbeing started after her breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 33. Between then and now lies a long road of recover, leading Dani to find herself in a surgically onset menopause by the time she turned 40. Dani shares her passion of a multi-sided approach to wellbeing openly, she writes articles for national newspapers and magazines and has most recently become more involved in sharing an understanding for the peri-menopause and menopause.

In 2016 Dani qualified as a yoga teacher and has run weekly classes, workshops and retreats since. dani has cooked with hundreds of women, not only sharing her family friendly nutritious recipes but also creating a sense of community for her clients. She gained a deeper understanding of nutrition when she graduated from Leith’s Cookery School ‘Nutrition in Practice Course’. Dani’s interest in meditation and mindfulness has been deepened by a Mindfulness MBSR Course last year and she has mentored numerous women through their own cancer and menopause journeys.

“It is my biggest mission to help my clients to find their own unique path inter journeys to wellness and health. There is no right or wrong way but as we are all individuals we need to find what works for us. This, I believe, can create true transformation. All my work is judgement free and all-inclusive, This is at the top of my mission statement. Oh, and lots of warmth and (sometimes virtual) hugs included.”

You can read more about Dani’s personal story in the Philosophy section of the website here 

For press enquiries or to work with Dani please contact hello@healthywholeme.com 

Dani Binnington

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