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To me finding the yoga practice that suits YOU is like discovering your favourite cup of tea. It’s a bit like Earl Grey or PG tips! There are many different schools of yoga and so many teachers interpreting these in their own ways.

What I love most about yoga is that it is a journey. A journey through your body and mind and I will be a student of life and yoga forever. Every time I step on my mat I bring a beginners mind. Yoga has opened many doors for me. I currently take an accredited MBSR mindfulness course as I am fascinated by the effectiveness of mindfulness in everyday life. I am also really into breath work and have been on a discovery journey myself. This has allowed me to experience and tap into areas in my body and mind that I never thought possible of exploring.

My yoga is a journey: When my mother in law ushered me to my first class I had already finished chemotherapy, but I was still waiting for my hair to grow back. So I wore a hat over my wig, and I was constantly worried it would all slip off my head! Can you imagine how not- relaxed I was in downward dog! I wore socks as I had lost all my toenails during my treatment and was so conscious about exposing my feet, that my first few classes were a very slippy affair.

And no, I did not fall in love with it immediately. But for some reason, and thanks to my fantastic teacher, I kept going back, week after week & today I love it so much I want to stand on my head everywhere I go!

My physical yoga practice has slowly started to rebuild my ‚house‘. I grew stronger, more flexible which in return gave me confidence.

But it is mentally that my yoga practice has really made a difference. Every time I step on my mat I become aware that it is the ‚here and now‘, the present moment that really counts. All my worries about the future of my health are really an illusion. It has not happened, besides there are no guarantees either way. And I cannot change all the things that have already happened, these belong to the past. So what I’m left with is the NOW and that NOW is so important. It counts! So let’s grab it and let’s make the most of it! Join me on the mat!

UK Weekend Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreats

I feel so alive when I can connect to others and to myself – open heartedly and just the way I am. Which is why I love hosting weekend yoga retreats so much. We are so busy in everyday life that we often don’t have enough time to look someone in the eye properly, to really listen to the words or others, without rushing to judgements and to spend a bit of time listening inwardly.

All of that and so much more is possible when we retreat together. Relaxation is often thought of as a luxury, but no it is much more a time to recover. And that is essential for our bodies to function properly and for our minds to get that important break also.

I love collaborating with my amazing teacher friends on retreats, such as Alva whose wisdom and energy makes running and hosting retreats great fun! Teamwork makes the dream work they say and I have to agree. I mostly travel with my plant based retreat chef Emma from The Little Ginger who not only charms our guest with the most amazing and yummy food but also with her passion and hard work that makes us all feeling ever so touched.

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