In the Press – Dani’s thoughts on food, yoga & wellbeing

My thoughts in the press are a combination from personal and professional experience. In my personal experience I try to be as open and reflective as possible and my professional experience as a yoga practitioner adds the tools which we can use to help ourselves. Combined, this makes for a realistic approach to subjects I am hugely passionate about.

What’s most important, regardless of how difficult our situation in life might seem. We CAN all do something to improve it. It might take some digging and trying out random things, to find what it is that helps you personally. But I am sure that being active in our own wellbeing or recovery process is the very first and most important step we can take on our journeys in this life.

I am excited about some of my recent features in the press which include:

My thoughts on the importance of breath featured in Health & Wellbeing magazine 2018.

Ideas about growing your own to get little ones excited about fruit and vegetables in Pregnancy & Parenting magazine 2018.

Thrive magazine published a really lovely story about my journey with food 2018.

Families magazine in the South West published my healthy ice lolly recipes 2018.

Primary Times magazine on how to get your children excited about fruit and vegetables 2018.

Healthy Diet magazine featuring my Black rice and halloumi salad 2018.

Dani Binnington

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