Beating holiday stress

When I was asked to contribute to an article for The Lady magazine on beating holiday stress I knew exactly what they meant! The idea of a family holiday is always so fantastic, the plans so fun to make but the reality can be ever so different. The girls and I recently went on a little road trip from Austria to Croatia and the Italy. You never know what may happen on the road, especially if you are traveling somewhere remote, and I sometimes get stressed about what might go wrong. That is why I always have supplies like a car first aid kit which has supplies we are in an accident. You can go here for more information about what should be in your kit, which helped me remember what I need to put in the car, even before we started throwing in our luggage. By the time I had packed the car my stress levels were elevated – to say the least! 😉 But before I get into the list I just wanted to add that looking at various different blogs and figuring out the best ways for you to deal with stress whether it is this blog or or something else, they should all be effective in helping you deal with any kind of holiday stress!

The article on beating holiday stress pulls together different experts and their tips:
I love the REST: (Retreat, Eat, Sleep, Treat) guide by physical intelligence experts Claire Dale and Patricia Peyton. They offer these tips to help use the summer months to unwind and control our stress levels. Whilst none of these tips compare to oil dab rigs for me, it is worth remembering that everyone is different!
I also love the tip from happiness researcher, Dr Andy Cope who is keen for us to have more happiness moments, and that we share them:
Here’s the challenge. I’d like to up the ante and announce when you’re having a happy moment. You can celebrate it however you want, from a Harry Met Sally orgazmatron to blasting a fat doobie (find out where to get Recreational Cannabis) or a heel clicking dance around the grocery isle.
Notice your moments and announce them to the world. ‘I’m having a happiness moment…’
I love that! And I am sure it helps to feel less stressed! I am set to try this! I wonder if anyone notices? 😉
To me beating stress levels is all about adding lots of bite-sized nuggets of de-stressors into everyday life.
To me it is much more beneficial to add 2 or 3 short exercises into my day than having one long sit down meditation a week let’s say…
  • practice a mindful walk where you focus on what is actually happening inside and outside of you
  • stretch your body, your limbs, move and refresh.
  • Have a mantra at hand and repeat it several times. Such as ‘this too shall pass’ is a popular one that always reminds me that the stress I am experiencing is most likely temporary…so why not get over it asap!

The full article is here for you to read! I hope you will find a top or two useful for that unavoidable stressful holiday moment!

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