believe in yourself, happy christmas

Believe in yourself

Happy Christmas to you all and have a fab start to 2017!

I am sure so many of us are making exciting plans for the new year. Resolutions, diets and to do lists are on the menue and I think that’s all great! When my cousin bought this beanie for me I didn’t really believe. I had finished my treatment for breastcancer, chemo, radio and surgeries but I couldn’t quite believe that I would make it…to great were my fears, to many disappointing news I have had, but here I am today and I am wearing my hat with pride! I urge you, write a big BELIEVE IN MYSELF right on top of your to do list! Believe that you can do and achieve anything you want and even more. The trust in yourself comes first, everything will fall into place afterwards.

And if you are like me where you feel that certain things are out of control, then add a massive big old HOPE. We never give up hope, it’s something nobody can take away from us.

I really hope 2017 starts on a good note for you. And for all of those of you who are struggling with anything at all, BELIEVE and HOPE.

With all my love and thoughts to all of you,

Merry Christmas, Dani x

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Dani Binnington

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