coconut and chocolate slices

Coconut and chocolate bars

I’m here in Belfast on my teen yoga teacher training and feeling frazzled after a full and fab first day (out of 3). And what does one do when travelling to a new city solo? Going to a yoga class obviously ???? and whilst I’ve got a little while before it starts I thought I’d share my super yummy coconut and chocolate bar recipe with you. So many of you have asked for the recipe after I posted it on Instagram, seems there are a lot of bounty bar fans out there 🙂 so here it is!

If you’re into coconut – you’ll love those!! I used to love a bounty bar but stopped eating them as you’re basically just eating sugar. And I was super happy when my home made coconut and chocolate bars tasted even better with a fraction of the sugar included. But hey, don’t get me wrong. These are NOT sugar free. I use a bit of maple syrup to sweeten them and the chocolate contains sugar too. But all better than than the staggering 48% of sugar (of 100g) from a shop bought bounty bar. Thats just crazy.

I tried lots of different fillings to perfect my coconut and chocolate bars but keep coming back to this one using almonds. Just because it almost gives it the marzipany taste that I love so much!! Yum yum!

So here’s the recipe for about 24 bars:
200g almonds, 200g desiccated coconut, 2tbsp coconut oil3tbsp maple or agave syrup, a sprinkle of salt.

For the chocolate cover I use about 200g of a vegan chcolcolate which I melt and then cover the slices in.


Start by blitzing up your almonds in a food processor. It works much better than buying already ground almonds. Just because these tend to be much drier in consistency and then you’d need more oil and syrup to make it all stick together.
Add all other ingredients apart from the chocolate and blitz. Then press into a lined baking dish and freeze for 15 min.

Meanwhile start melting your dark chocolate. We’re into Montezuma chocolates right now.

Once your filling is set remove from your tray and cut into chunks. That’s where the mess starts. ???? happy coating ????and finger licking all the way! (I use 2 forks to hold the slices in lace when dipping into chocolate and I make sure to cover thinly only as you’ll need much more chocolate otherwise).
Refrigerate to set and you’ll be lucky if you have any left over for the next day!

If you’ve enjoyed making these bars or if you’d rather have a simpler recipe (that does not include the chocolate coating and finger licking then you could try these no-bake chocolate bars. A firm favourite of ours!

Have fun!

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