Quinoa Edamame Bowls are vegan, simple to prepare and super versatile too.  They can be served as a side or a main and they are not only packed with great nutrients, they’re full of flavour too. I was recipe testing as I wanted to make a really nourishing vegan dish when I had friends staying last weekend. It needed to be simple, contain staple ingredients but I wanted it to be packed with flavour too. I served these yummy quinoa edamame bowls as a side for some of my guests but as they are packed with good quality plant proteins they also make a wonderful vegan main dish! Not only that, they’re also a great source of fibre and complex carbohydrates which is just fab for our gut health too!

Top Tip: And if you know me and my cooking style by now, then you know that I’m all about making cooking simple and I love cutting corners if I can! So instead of boiling the quinoa and the edamame beans seperately, I added the frozen and shelled beans to the nearly finished and nearly puffed up quinoa. It saved me bringing a second pan of hot water to the boil and it also leaves the quinoa with much more flavour. You could use peas too if you don’t have edamame beans in the freezer.

As this recipe is so simple I’ve made 2 versions for you. They both have the same base, which is your quinoa and edamame beans, then adding different ingredients. Try the version that takes your fancy first!

Quinoa Edamame Bowls – 2 ways

Each version serves 2

Quinoa, edamame & avocado

150g Quinoa

150g frozen, shelled edamame beans

1 avocado

2 stems of spring onion, finely chopped

A handful of cashew nuts (roasted are nice too), roughly chopped


Quinoa, edamame & lentils

150g Quinoa

150g frozen, shelled edamame beans

1 tsp of organic vegetable stock

½ a tin of lentils, drained and washed

A handful or more of fresh parsley, chopped

Sesame seeds


For the dressing mix:

1 teaspoon of olive oil (or sesame oil if you have), 1 tablespoon of tamari sauce, pepper, and as much lemon juice as you fancy.


Wash and drain the quinoa and boil as per packet instructions. To add a little more flavour from the start I like using 1 tsp of organic veggie stock powder when I cook my quinoa, so add this to your water.


Just before the quinoa is nearly puffed up and all the water is evaporated, mix in your frozen edamame beans. These don’t take long to cook and as we want to preserve most of the nutrients 5 minutes will be enough. Once the edmame beans are cooked, set aside and let cool down.

For your Quinoa, edamame & avocado bowl, simply half your avocado and scoop out the flesh. Mix this with your finely chopped spring onion, and toss over your cooled down quinoa and edamame mixture. Top with chopped up pieces of cashews, pour over your dressing, mix and enjoy as a main, a side or as a yummy portion of leftover.

For your Quinoa, edamame & lentil bowl, mix with half a tin of drained lentils, lots of parsley and top with your dressing and sesame seeds. Enjoy xx

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Dani Binnington

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