Ice bath day

A breathe, move and ice bath retreat day – 25th Feb 24

Join us for our popular retreat day, now in its third successful year! Immerse yourself in a day of rejuvenation, relaxation, and self-discovery. With a proven track record of delivering transformative experiences, our retreat day promises to leave you feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready to tackle life’s challenges.

Join Will van Zyl and myself for a day of personal transformation, good food and laughter. More info HERE.

“I went to a ‘Wim Hof Fundamentals’ day and was bowled over by the intensity of the day, as well as by the empathy and support from Dani & Will. I learnt so much and had some amazing conversations with other participants. Somehow Dani and Will made it all fun – including the ice bath!”

Experience for yourself how these simple techniques can, quite literally, change your life.

“Although feeling anxious at first, Dani and Will, the Wim Hoff instructor, helped to calm the nerves. The breathing exercises were an intense experience that brought about feelings of great calm, and the ice bath was exhilarating. An amazing and unforgettable day with wonderful people.”

With plenty of opportunity to connect, share and learn, this is a day to acquire true knowledge of what could work for you.


Benefits from this Day Retreat include:

Boosting your immune system

Improving concentration

Boosting your energy

Improving your mental well-being

Relieving stress

Improving sleep



The Coppa Club, The Swan at Streatley, High Street, Streatley on Thames, RG8 9HR

Upon arrival make your way to the events space in the hotel and we will look forward to meeting you there – with breakfast 🙂

For more Information tickets: CLICK HERE

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