Overnight oats Video: With zillions of different recipes out there for the same thing it is no surprise we are often very confused about how to do things. I wanted to take the confusion out of the simplest and yummiest family breakfast so I’ve made a step to step video showing you how you can make overnigt oats just perfect for you and your families!

Overnight oats are so versatile that you can cater to loads of different taste buds but still keeping it simple. I often make a batch of my basic overnight oats recipe, and then top this with different options in the morning. Banana slices for one, almond milk for me and yoghurt for another. It’s really that simple and that versatile. If you are after all the quantities and more recipes then have a look at our top three variations.

Or why don’t you just wing it?! See how it goes, you can always add a little more liquid or so in the morning…remember you need to love it!

Dani Binnington

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