Here is yet another 5- minute super easy and tasty soup recipe. With an empty fridge (as I was waiting for my online food delivery to arrive) this Pea, Spinach and Cashew soup is great!

I always have frozen peas and spinach in the freezer – just to make sure that on days where I am not so well stocked up on fresh stuff I can still have something super nourishing!

(At below 150 calories per portion but with 8g of protein and good fats – this really is a fab, quick & tasty dish!)

Pea, Spinach and Cashew Soup 

Use 1 tsp of olive oil to fry off 1 small onion.

Once nice and soft, pour in a whole bag of frozen spinach (500g) and 200g of frozen peas and chuck in a clove of garlic.

Add a small handful of cashews ( they make it nice and creamy)

Simmer with 1/2 litre of stock for 5 minutes.

Blend and add the juice of half a lemon.

If you fancy, add a few mint leaves – they give it a really fresh taste!

Add more water (not stock) to thin if wanted, you might need a little salt also…

A squeeze of lemon will finish this soup of wonderfully! x

Dani Binnington

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