The week that changed my life! And why it’s all about choice.

Being able to make choices amongst the muddy paths of life that I have no control over. 
I’d like to think I have so much control over all aspects of my life, but the longer I get to be here, the more I realise that’s not the case. I guess it’s surrendering in a weird kind of way. Taking control over what I can and accepting that other things are just the way they are. As difficult or as wonderful as they might be.
I wanted to pack it all in last week!
To help shape the week of my life that would change me forever. Quite literally. I made the choice to remove my ovaries, which meant that within one afternoon I was transperted from a 39 year old body into that of a menopausal woman. As daunting as that thought has been, I needed to make sure that that was not the only thing which consumed my mind.
So the night before the operation I hosted a super exciting event!
“The Kindness Method” is a book writen by sought after Shahroo Izadi, and I had the pleasure to have her speak as my guest. Looking at habit change from a very different perspective! And the evening rocked!
I loved it. I loved cooking for everyone, we had an open mind and there were plenty of light bulb moments.
It was my choice to plan the event the night before the op.
It was my choice to remove my ovaries to reduce my risks of ovarian cancer.
I have no control over the fact that I have a genetic mutation that massively increases my risks of breast and ovarian cancer.
So within the muddle of life I do what I can.
And I’m not alone either. Huge thanks go out to all the women that have embarked on this journey before me. Who are open enough to share their experiences with me. Thank you ladies.
My wonderful mum came to help us the week of the operation and again, we made a choice to end the week with a bang. A trip to Brixton market, tasty ethiopian food, stimulated our senses and our taste buds. I am now ready to start to learn who this new body of mine is. To love it and nurture it, accept the new scars and to tinker with hormone replacement therapy to see what works for me.
Recovery is a very individual thing, and I have a longer post coming about it soon as so many have asked what I do to heal, but really, family time is on top of that list for me. Listening to my daughter Rosa play her guitar for me is the best remedy ever.
Drawing this rather long post to an end, I guess what I want to say is this: we have almost always got a little choice of going one way or another. And as small as it may seem, it can make the biggest difference.
With love, Dani xx
Click here for the VIDEO with pictures of the event, my op and lots of food 🙂 all within 1 week.
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Dani Binnington

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