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Do you need support in managing menopause after your cancer diagnosis? There are several ways in which we can work together.

In your 20’s and 30’s?

You can apply to join our free program “Navigating Menopause” through the charity Trekstock. We have developed the UK’s only extensive 6 week program to help signpost young adults for a better and more empowered menopause experience.

Open to all

Open to everyone, regardless of what type of cancer you were diagnosed with and open to any age. We run 4 month long programs for small groups of people.

These include 6 x zoom sessions, workshops and e-learning with some of the UK’s top menopause specialists, such a Dr. Annice Mukherjee, Mr. Vikram Talaulikar, Dr. Naomi Potter, advise from expert dieticians Elizabeth Ward and Hillary Wright, giving you a step by step starting point to overhaul your diet.

This in depth and supportive program helps you uncover ALL the options that we have to help have an improved menopause experience.

The cost for the 4 month program is £500.

1:2:1 menopause

If you would like 1:2:1 support through my Empowered Menopause program, prices start at £300 per month. The duration is 4 months. This gives you access to a library of carefully crafted expert interviews, step by step nutrition support, weekly yoga classes to get you moving and weekly meditations. In 4 x zoom meetings I will do my best to help you work out what is important to you, how to navigate your health care plan and help you move forward as feeling as well as possible.

Yoga: I can no longer take 1:2:1 yoga clients.

Please contact our team at to enquire about any one the above. If you are an institution, a charity or hospital trust please do contact us to connect.

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