healthy Halloween treat recipe witches fingers

Healthy Halloween Treat recipe

This festive and fun healthy halloween treat recipe will get your whole family into party spirit! Whether you’re throwing a party or looking for fun treats kids can make, this easy healthy halloween treat recipe will make everyone falling under it’s spell.

I usually find Halloween a little harrowing. Bucket- loads of sweets in every child’s hand are my words nightmare. I usually hide half their exploits and make them secretly disappear trying to reduce the excessive sugar overload. So not my personal favourite season, but the kids love it and I do love a bit of face-painting too (and I’m quite good at it actually!).

So when I rolled my weekly energy bars into little sticks and I stuck an almond flake to the top end – I was super pleased that I’ve made the easiest, healthy halloween treats! Witches Fingers! Ok, not the scariest maybe, but still kind of funny and the girls loved tickling their noses with their witches fingers! 🙂

If you have a healthy energy ball or bar recipe that you make and love use yours, alternatively you can try mine: I’ve used dried figs and ground almonds with a few other bits and the texture and taste was yummy!

Healthy Halloween Treat Recipe

Witches Fingers

Place the following ingredients into your blender and blizzard until the mixture comes together nicely:

1 cup of ground almonds, 6 dried figs, 1/4 cup maple syrup, 1/4 cup desiccated coconut, 1 tbsp tahini, 1 tbsp nut butter

(For a nut-free version you could try my no-nut no-bake energy bars and you could use this recipe to make into witches fingers!)

If you feel that your mixture needs to be a little more sticky you could add a couple of teaspoons of water with the motor running.

Roll into little balls, flatten out and roll into sticks and then add bits of flaked almonds and fingernails. Done!

Ready to tickle your nose? he he




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